Personal Spending Smashes Expectations, Up 0.8% In July


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The number:Income up 0.3% as expected.

Spending up 0.8% versus expectations of 0.5%.

A good number but apparently not enough to move Dow futures, which held steady at a 100+ open.

Core PCE price index was up 0.2% in July as expected.

Private wage and salary disbursements increased $24.3 billion in July, compared with an increase of $8.9 billion in June.

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Preview: The market is looking for improvement in all sectors.

Personal income is expected to increase 0.3% in July versus 0.1% increase in June and 0.2% increase in May, according to a Bloomberg survey.

Consumer spending is expected to increase 0.5% in July after a 0.2% decline in June and a 0.1% increase in May.

The Core PCE price index is expected to increase 0.2% after a 0.1% increase in June.