Watch Hollywood Destroy American Landmarks Over And Over Again

Independence Day


Happy Fourth of July!It’s the weekend for colourful explosions and big Hollywood summer blockbusters.

In keeping with the holiday’s patriotic spirit, we took a look at how Hollywood action films have showcased, er, destroyed iconic American landmarks.

From the Statue of Liberty to the White House, America’s most famous buildings, statues, and bridges don’t stand a chance against aliens, meteors, and puppets.

Aliens blow up the White House in 'Independence Day' (1996)

...and also the Empire State Building

'Godzilla' demolishes the Brooklyn Bridge (1998)

The Golden Gate Bridge overheats and crumbles in 'The Core' (2003)

Tornadoes erase the Hollywood Sign in 'The Day After Tomorrow' (2004)

Tsunami washes way the Statue Of Liberty (and the rest of New York City) in 'Day After Tomorrow' (2004)

A marionette Michael Moore blows up Mt. Rushmore (2004)

At the 6:30 mark.

The Golden Gate bridge unwillingly relocates in 'X-Men: The Last Stand' (2006)

Statue Of Liberty is decapitated in 'Cloverfield' (2008)

The Washington Monument comes tumbling down in '2012' (2009)

Also in '2012,' an aircraft carrier smashes the White House mid-tsunami (2009)

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