SAP's Julie Roehm Says Apple Bullies Companies With 'Low Self-Esteem'

Mark Cuban, Ian Wolfman, Julie Roehm, Stephanie FiermanMark Cuban, Ian Wolfman, Julie Roehm, and Stephanie Fierman speak during a keynote presentation at New York’s ad-tech conference.

Photo: Christina Austin / Business Insider

SAP’s Julie Roehm has an interesting take on the way Apple treats the companies it does deals with.The new svp/marketing of SAP spoke with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and others on a panel on “Playing to win in 2013 — Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google” during New York’s ad:tech conference on Thursday.

During the keynote, panel members Roehm, Cuban, Ian Wolfman of MEplusYOU, and Stephanie Fierman of MediaCom made Apple out to be a bully when the company works with others as marketing, media, and advertising partners. While partners who strike co-marketing deals with Apple do well, they have little negotiating leverage, they said.

“At first, it seemed like you had to have low company self-esteem to work with Apple,” Roehm said.

“It’s either their way or no way,” Fierman added.

Cuban suggested that, following the iPhone 5, the bloom was off the fruit. “Making the same thing smaller and thinner eventually loses its cool factor,” Cuban said. 

[An SAP spokesperson noted that Roehm also praised Apple’s influence on product design, quoting her as saying “Apple’s interface revolutionised how everyone relates to product.”]


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