A veteran news anchor explains the one thing that makes Donald Trump so appealing to voters

Julie chen on donald trump gettyGetty ImagesDonald Trump, inset, and Julie Chen.

Julie Chen and her co-hosts on CBS’s “The Talk” may steer away from discussing politics, but that doesn’t mean Chen hasn’t noticed Donald Trump’s effect on politics since declaring his presidential run.

“You never thought that Donald Trump would unite the Democrats and Republicans, but he managed to,” she told Business Insider when we recently went behind the scenes of the hit daytime talk show. “They’re all like, ‘What is this guy saying?'”

Chen, a veteran news anchor, can also see Trump’s appeal to voters that explains his notoriously high and steady poll numbers. She says that, ultimately, his popularity lies in making people feel secure in an insecure world.

“I think he has rallied more supporters who are just civilians who are feeling fearful,” the 45-year-old news veteran said. “He knows how to say the right thing to rally voters to support him. Everyone right now just wants to feel safe. And whether he’s the one with the best plan to keep us safe, he certainly acts like he knows it.”

Trump has certainly been driving the conversation around national security and immigration in the Republican field lately. In his first TV commercial on Monday, he double downed on his desire to build a wall between the US and Mexico, as well as a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants if he were elected.

“He’s tall. He can be very charismatic,” Chen added. “And people are like, ‘Yeah, I want this crazy dude.’ Other countries might be saying, ‘Well, our leader might be nuts, but he’s more nuts. We’re not going to mess with him.'”

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