Julie Bishop: 'This is indeed a black Friday for France and for the world'

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Getty

Up to 100 people are reported to have been killed, and even more injured, in a series of attacks around Paris.

There are no reports of any Australians killed or injured at this stage, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in a press conference.

2,500 Australians have registered with Smart Traveller in France, although the real number is likely to be higher.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is requesting any Australians in Paris stay put, but get in contact with the consulate.

The 24 hour Australian consular emergency number is 1300 555 135. An alternate number is +61 2 62 61 33 05.

Bishop has been in contact with the other members of the national security committee.

“The national threat assessment centre within Asio is monitoring the situation”

“At this stage we do not intend to change the threat level”

Here’s what the Department of Foreign Affairs says on the Smart Traveller website:

“Australians in Paris should minimise movement in public places, follow the media for latest information on security and follow the instructions of local authorities”

“There is an ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe. We assess there is a heightened threat of terrorist attack in a number of European countries, including France. This threat is posed by those motivated by the current conflict in Iraq and Syria.”

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