Julie Bishop is responding to Internet trolls on Twitter like a boss

Photo: Stefan Postles/Getty Images

Australia’s deputy prime minister, Julie Bishop, is living up to her reputation as the “queen of emoji” after responding to Internet trolls in an emoji-filled Twitter spree.

The tweets began early yesterday afternoon with one asking how she could be so busy but still be so updated on Twitter. The tweets then escalated to many asking for a reply and follow back with some even demanding to know whether it was a fake account behind the replies.

This isn’t the first time that Bishop has proved to be a boss on Twitter. Earlier in September, she tweeted more than 100 emoji-filled tweets in three hours and has even conducted an entire interview with Buzzfeed in emoji.

The minister for foreign affairs flew into Paris this weekend to attend the second week of the Paris Climate Conference. It is hoped that a global climate change agreement will be reached with the Australian government pledging to reduce emissions by 26–28 per cent by 2030.

Here’s a look at Bishop’s account on Saturday.

The tweets started at 1pm on Saturday afternoon.

Not long after, the Twitter trolls began rolling in.

But Bishop was quick to join in on the fun.

While some couldn’t believe that Bishop was responding to her trolls…

Others took it as a sign of being a good sport.

Her responses were making the rounds on Twitter that others soon caught on.

Bishop’s tweets were so good that many were left wondering if it was really her behind the account.

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