Julie Bishop has proved one more time that she is the 'queen of emoji', tweeting 100 times in 3 hours

Overnight Julie Bishop has sent more than 100 emoji-filled tweets in three hours — an effort that would put most internet bots to shame.

It started at late last night when @the_impey complained that he had been blocked by the deputy Liberal leader./

It then turned into a three-hour emoji marathon between “the Queen of emoji” and her followers.

Twitter soon caught on to the trend.

But Bishop seemed to be having just as much fun.

Someone asked if she’d opened a can of worms.

Others started making requests.

It seemed like it was pretty easy to get her attention.

She answered questions.

And even had an international audience.

Her emoji game was on fire.

In fact she was so on the ball, people started to question if it was really her.

Or whether she had hired an intern.

Some may see her following spree as a way to turn around her public perception since the election on Monday.

Until Monday, Bishop was the darling of the Liberals, having been deputy leader since 2007, surviving four leadership changes. She secured an impressive 70 votes to become Turnbull’s deputy, but despite remaining popular with the public and being regarded as an excellent foreign minister, the recriminations are still reverberating through the party and will take more than a few emojis to heal.

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