Julie Bishop Has Called In Russia's Ambassador Over The Situation In Ukraine

Julie Bishop (Photo: Getty Images/Pool)

Russia’s ambassador to Australia Vladimir Morozov will meet Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this morning after being summoned to explain the invasion of Crimea.

Critical infrastructure such as airports, highways and ports has been captured by Russian forces after the country, at the behest of President Vladimir Putin, took control of the Ukrainian peninsula.

Bishop told ABC Radio Australia rejects Russia’s assertion that it deployed troops to protect residents from Ukraine’s fledgling rebel government, and that it supports Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“We’ve made it clear we unequivocally support the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the Ukraine. It’s unacceptable for any nation to threaten the territorial integrity of the Ukraine in any way,” Bishop said.

“We must continue to urge all parties to keep the channels open for dialogue…The Australian government has made it clear there should be no use of force or threat. And disputes should be settled by peaceful means.

“The UN security council should be doing all it can to promote mediation and dialogue to resolve the conflict. There are serious consequences if this continues.”

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