Julie Bishop Gets 60 Minutes In Her 20-Hour Day To Herself, Here's How She Spends It

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is a busy woman.

Here’s a rough idea of what her schedule has been like in a little more than the past month, according to her Twitter account.

Caboolture in Queensland today, Manhattan in New York yesterday, in Canberra on November 17, in Brisbane on November 16, Sydney on November 12, Beijing on November 8, Perth on November 5, Fiji October 31, back in Canberra on October 29, Baghdad on October 19 and Milan on October 17.

While in New York this week, chairing a series of high-level meetings at the United Nations, Bishop told Fairfax Media while on business trips she only gets 60 minutes of alone time in her 20-hour day.

Now, running on just four hours of sleep you’d think that Bishop would use her single hour to either sleep, relax or switch off.

Think again. Instead her secret is spending half of the time jogging.

“I try and keep fit and healthy and that allows me to focus,” she says.

And as for sleep, well, “I just don’t think about it”.

In a departmental briefing note on the personal preferences of the Foreign Minister, released under freedom of information laws, it is revealed there are other rituals Bishop takes part in when travelling.

From not drinking coffee, to seating in the window seat of an airplane, having access to a “snippet” of local information to use as a conversation starter, and preferring “to eat healthily but not a fussy eater and open to try local foods”, here are some of the small ways Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop handles her extreme travel schedule.

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