Julianne Moore says she hopes Harvey Weinstein is 'prosecuted'

  • Julianne Moore spoke about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein in a recent interview, saying she hopes he is “prosecuted for some of these things.”
  • Moore described the producer’s alleged behaviour as “criminal” and wants people to think about “what we can do now?”

Julianne Moore said that she hopes Harvey Weinstein is “prosecuted for some of these things,” during a Tuesday interview alongside Matt Damon on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Damon echoed Moore’s sentiments saying, “He’s got to face justice. He’s got to face what he’s done.”

“This is criminal behaviour,” Moore continued. “Rather than continue to discuss what could have happened — what if? what if? — I think it’s important to think about, what we can do now? What can we do to prevent it? How can we communicate to people that it’s not OK, they should speak out, they will have support and that people will be taken to task?”

Damon and “Suburbicon” director George Clooney also spoke out about Weinstein’s allegations during a sit-down interview on “Good Morning America” that aired Monday. Damon and Clooney said they were aware that Weinstein was a “womanizer” but were unaware of the sexual abuse and assault allegations against him.

Moore may see the producer face prosecution — Weinstein’s allegations have prompted three criminal investigations, and one civil investigation.

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