JULIAN ROBERTSON: Spending Money To Get Romney Elected Is Better Than Spending On Education Or Cancer

Legendary hedge fund manager Julian Robertson, the founder of Tiger Management Co., told CBS News that his $1.25 million contribution to the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney was one of the best investments he’s made.

“I want a great President of the United States.  That’s what I want.  Nothing more specific than that.  I want a better nation here.  I want my grandchildren to have a better place in which to live,” Robertson said. “In my opinion, this is one of the most important investments I’ve ever made.”

However, some critics think large contributions like this give the so-called “one percenters” too much say in politics.

“I’m fortunate to be a one-percenter.  I put it up there as probably if it works as the best money I’ve spent — better than for cancer or education or all these things — because I think a President of the United States, an effective president, the leverage he has to do good is just enormous.” 

Watch the interview below. 

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