Julian Robertson: Obama Is Cocky And Always Thinks He's The Smartest Man In The Room

Julian Robertson

Julian Robertson was recently interviewed by New Zealand’s Dominion Post.

In the interview, the retired Tiger fund manager bashed Forbes’s Billionaire list and Obama.

On Obama he says:

“Obama, from all I read, thinks that on every occasion that he is the smartest person in the room. And I think he often probably is, but you can’t run the biggest business in the world having never run even a country store.

“And he’s running into that and he’s just doing an awful job and people see it. He’s enough of a politician to see it – although he’s so cocky maybe he doesn’t see it.”

According to The Dominion Post, Robertson is particularly critical of the Obama administration’s plans to remove a school voucher system in Washington DC. The sytem allows children from poorer areas to use a “voucher” to attend private schools.

“Here’s this man who went to a private school and whose children go to private schools and for some reason the education secretary has eliminated these – which is just a terrible thing,” says Robertson. “The vouchers allow poor children from these horror show schools to these good private schools such as the ones Obama’s children attend.”

Read the full interview on the Dominion Post.

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