Julian Robertson: Forbes Just Made Up My Net-Worth: "No One Knows What I'm Worth"

julian robertson tiger

Remember today when you’re reading the latest Forbes 400 list that last time Forbes published one of it’s “Forbes 400” lists, Julian Robertson bashed it by saying the magazine’s numbers are totally made up.

An article in the New Zealand’s Dominion Post, a paper in JR’s favourite vacation country, New Zealand, featured an interview with the retired Tiger Fund manager after the Forbes Billionaire’s list was published:

“No-one knows what I’m worth.”

“They just make it up. They’ve got no basis for it. It is ridiculous. My mother taught me better manners than to talk about it.”

Today Robertson made the Forbes list of the Richest Americans again. Forbes estimated his net-worth is the same as it was 6 months ago: $2.2 billion.

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