Julian Edelman's dad says his son has put on too much muscle to be an effective quarterback

Julian EdelmanJared Wickerham/GettyEdelman’s only NFL pass was a 51-yard touchdown in the playoffs.

With Tom Brady still serving his Deflategate suspension and Jimmy Garoppolo nursing a hurt shoulder, the New England Patriots will start rookie Jacoby Brissett at quarterback on Thursday night against the Texans.

That also means that former Kent State quarterback and current New England wide receiver Julian Edelman will be second on the QB depth chart.

Edelman has only thrown one pass in the NFL — a 51-yard touchdown to Danny Amendola that came on a trick play against the Ravens during the playoffs in 2014. As far as dire quarterback situations go, you could do worse than a former college quarterback as your absolute last-ditch option.

That’s not stopping Edelman’s own father from worrying about his son potentially lining up under center.

“I’d be a nervous wreck watching,” Frank Edelman told ESPN on Thursday. “Jules has been out of that quarterback position for eight years. We’re not really good at winging it — that’s not in our DNA. We’ve got to study for a test.”

More specifically, Edelman’s dad is concerned that his son has put on too much muscle since transitioning to the wide receiver position. That added muscle could affect his throwing motion.

“And he’s added muscle for the punishment he has to take as a receiver,” Frank said, “so he might have tighter mechanics trying to throw the ball.”

This lines up with what Brady himself has said about the secret to being a successful quarterback. Last year, Brady explained that for him as a thrower, “muscle pliability” was much more important than heavy lifting.

That Edelman sees time at quarterback on Thursday evening is, of course, a serious long-shot (even if JJ Watt, Vince Wilfork, Jadeveon Clowney and the rest of the Houston defence is scary). And in the end, despite some trepidation Frank Edelman still has faith in his son should he be called upon to play quarterback.

“Can Jules do it? Yeah, he could definitely do it. But could he do it well? I’m just not sure. I don’t know how many picks he would throw,” Frank said. “I’ll say this: He does know the offence like the back of his hand. That wouldn’t be a problem.”


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