A Top Contender Says He Has 'No Grand Plan' To Be Hillary's Running Mate

AP135275425529AP/Carolyn KasterSecretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro.

A leading candidate to be Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee isn’t denying his potential interest in joining her campaign.

According to The Hill, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro was directly asked on Tuesday about the prospect of joining the Democratic Party’s presidential ticket in 2016. His reply only fuelled speculation.

“We’ll see what happens,” Castro said. “There’s no grand plan.”

The Washington Post contended the non-denial was a clear sign Castro is “absolutely” interested in being Clinton’s running mate.

Indeed, after Castro denying a plan is in the works Castro went on to praise Clinton’s record as secretary of state and said the Democratic front-runner would make a phenomenal president.

“Secretary of State Clinton is obviously an extremely talented person who has made fantastic contributions to our national progress over the last couple of decades,” he said. “I’m staying out of those politics in this role but I know that she did a great job as secretary of state and I’m confident that if she is elected president, she would do enormous good for the country as well.”

Castro, a formal mayor of San Antonio, was tapped last year to join President Barack Obama’s administration and is widely regarded as a rising star in Democratic politics. With Hispanic voters likely to play a key role the 2016 election, Castro is widely seen as offering Clinton a way to reach out to a growing political constituency.

Henry Cisneros, who served in the cabinet of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, previously told the Washington Post Castro would be a natural choice for vice president in 2016.

“Clearly, if you were putting together a list of five people in the country who could potentially be a contributing running mate, you would have to put Julian Castro on that list,” he said.

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