The new documentary 'Risk' goes deep inside the world of Julian Assange -- here's the trailer

Risk trailer Neon finalNeon‘Risk.’

Documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras is following up her Oscar-winning look at NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, “Citizenfour,” with a movie about another globally controversial figure: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

Made over six years, including through the 2016 presidential election, Poitras’ movie “Risk” examines Assange with up-close access and the headline-grabbing leaks his site is responsible for. But it’s also being touted as a “geopolitical thriller,” as the documentary touches on Poitras’ own experiences with government surveillance (Poitras has been monitored by the US government since making her 2006 movie “My Country, My Country“). 

WikiLeaks was constantly in the news through the presidential election, as the site leaked emails from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It’s still unclear what (if any) relationship the site and Assange’s leaks had with Russia, which the US intelligence community says was behind hacking in the election.

“Risk” first premiered at 2016’s Cannes Film Festival in May, but with WikiLeaks’ involvement in the election and some other new developments, Poitras updated the film to spotlight the latest developments. 

Watch the trailer below. The movie opens in theatres through Neon and will then air on Showtime this summer.


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