Julia Louis-Dreyfus reminds us why she’s one of the best actresses alive in Emmys speech

GettyImages veep emmy julia louis dreyfus acceptance speech

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is sorry that her satirical HBO show, “Veep,” has become way too much like the actual world of politics.

Dreyfus won her fifth consecutive Emmy on Sunday for the role of “Veep’s” Selina Meyer, the narcissistic, often bumbling vice president who eventually becomes president. During her acceptance speech, she apologised to her producers and crew for talking them into working on the show. But she also had a mea culpa to make to the American people.

“While I’m apologizing, I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally apologise for the current political climate,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “I think that ‘Veep’ has torn down the wall between comedy and politics.”

Many comparisons can indeed be drawn between the antics on the HBO show — especially
Jonah Ryan’s (Timothy Simons) congressional run on the latest season — and the current election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But Louis-Dreyfus swears she’ll put an end to it.

“Our show started out as a political satire, but it now feels more like a sobering documentary,” she said. “So I certainly do promise to rebuild that wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

As an aside, the actress already held the record for most consecutive wins going into Sunday’s awards. With this fifth win, she is now the most-awarded lead comedy actress in the history of the Emmys.

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