Julia Gillard Unsure Of Next Career Steps If She Loses The Election

Getty/Stefan Postles

In an interview with The Guardian Australia, which launched today, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she does not know if she would remain an MP if she lost the election on September 14.

“You would have to talk to me about that in the days afterwards. I don’t spend time thinking about the days beyond,” the Prime Minster said.

“I am not going to sit here war-gaming what would I do if we were in government, what would I do if we were in opposition.

“I don’t spend my time thinking about it, so I couldn’t give you a thought-through answer,” she said.

However, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office told The Australian newspaper today Gillard would stay on for a full term, even if she loses the election.

If she did, she would be the first Prime Minister since Gough Whitlam to stay on as an MP after losing an election.

She also said while she does not get many “lazy afternoons,” she’s a big fan of HBO drama Game of Thrones.

“I anxiously await the new episode each Monday night.”

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