Julia Gillard Announces Book Deal, Hints At What She'll Write

Julia Gillard has dropped a few hints about what she’ll write in her upcoming tell-all memoir, which will be published by Penguin Random House next October.

“[I] want to try and answer those questions which were so often put to me: how do you do it, you know, how do you get up and do it every day? And also why did you do it, what was really important to you to get done as prime minister,” she said in a recorded interview with her publisher.

Gillard said she would be writing the book herself, covering her time in politics as well as relevant personal experiences.

Many of her public statements as prime minister of Australia had been “mediated by others” as required, she explained.

Here’s the announcement:

Gillard was rumoured to have inked the deal in July but today’s announcement is the first public statement from either party about it.

“Fortunately, I’m a very good typist; my mother made sure as a teenager that I learned to touch type on the basis that a girl could always get a job on the basis that she knew how to type,” Gillard said on her plan to personally write the book.

“I don’t think she quite foresaw me using the skills for this but that’s what I’ll be using them for.”

Random House Australia declined to disclose the value of the contract nor its sales projections, with publishing director Nikki Christer stating only that it would be “one of the most anticipated books of 2014”.

AAP reports that former prime minister John Howard was believed to have received a $400,000 advance for his 2011 book, Lazarus Rising, which became the biggest-selling Australian political memoir.

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