Gossip Site JuicyCampus: We're Golden


JuicyCampus, the say-what-you-like college gossip site, has responded to investigations by New Jersey and Connecticut AGs: The short version: Your complaints are not our problem — you’re the problem.

The site, which posts anonymous comments about students with little to no moderation and almost no method of tracking users, is under investigation after students who were flamed on the site complained. It has already lost its ad agency, Adbrite, which pulled out after New Jersey subpoenaed the company.

From the statement:

“JuicyCampus has not violated any laws. JuicyCampus is immune under federal law for liability arising from statements made by others. The Attorneys General of New Jersey and Connecticut, who apparently are not fans of the Site, know this and are instead taking the position that by asking our users not to post content that is unlawful, abusive or defamatory, among other things, we are somehow required to remove posts that may fall into those categories. They contend that by failing to do so, we have defrauded our users.” (emphasis added)

And, in nice bit of Jujutsu, JuicyCampus says the real problem is with upitty government officials.

“We hope people will contact the Attorneys General of New Jersey and Connecticut to protest this waste of government resources.”

Somehow we don’t think this will make the company’s legal problems go away. Good luck, though!

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