Juicero's founder lives it up at Burning Man immediately after his $US120 million company shut down

Juicero — the Silicon Valley company known for its $US400, Wifi-enabled juicer — shut down and suspended sales of its presses and produce packs Saturday.

Meanwhile, its founder and raw food evangelist Doug Evans is in the Nevada desert for Burning Man, the annual festival known for its wild art, costumes, and parties.

Evans has posted several Instagrams at the festival in the past few days. In the one below, he blows fire from a tricked-out bicycle:

Juicero shuttered after nearly four years of operation. The company initially priced its juicer at $US699 in 2016, but then reduced it to $US399 earlier this year. That was after Bloomberg reported that Juicero’s fruit and veggie packs didn’t actually need a Juicero machine. Users could just squeeze the juice out by hand.

For that reason, the company — which had become a poster child for Silicon Valley’s lavishly funded gadget startup culture — was routinely criticised for attempting to solve a problem that didn’t exist. It also raised some $US120 million.

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