'Judgment Day' Is Rapidly Approaching For JCPenney

JC Penney woman

JCPenney is going through a major restructuring under new CEO Ron Johnson, but it’s about to finally come face-to-face with its biggest short-term challenges.

The second half of 2012 will be JCPenney’s “judgment day,” according to a report fromĀ UBS. Here’s why:

  • JCPenney will have had a fair amount of time to educate consumers about its new, controversial pricing strategy
  • Much of its new, differentiated merchandise will be cycled in by then
  • The reimaging process for its physical stores (reorganized into “shopin-shops” around the strongest brands it has to offer) will be well on its way

The retailer warned in the first quarter that the revamp may lead to temporary sales declines.

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