Even Judges Are Jumping On The No-Pay Internship Train

As if things weren’t bleak enough, now a federal judge in Colorado is asking clerks to work for free.

Federal judge William Martinez is advertising a standard year-long clerkship but with a catch, law professor Paul Campos blogs for Salon.

“This position is a gratuitous service appointment,” according to the job posting, which asks applicants to “to morally commit to the position for one year,” even though “there is no possibility of the position turning into a paid position with Judge Martinez.”

Clerks are normally stellar recent law school grads who are burdened with obscene debts.

Asking the people Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has lauded as indespensible to work for no money seems rather cruel.

Especially since the government allows Martinez to have two paid clerks and he’s just seeking a third employee for the unpaid position, according to Campos.

Refusing to pay top-tierlegal interns seems to be turning into a trend in the judicial world.

The Department of Justice is seeking a law grad with “outstanding academic records and superior legal research and writing skills” to spend one year working for free as an unpaid special assistant to the U.S. Attorney.

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