The Texas Judge Caught Beating His Daughter On Camera Got Off Scot-Free

Judge William AdamsJudge William Adams

Photo: Aransas County, Texas, Court via AP

In what is sure to be a controversial ruling, the Texas Supreme Court lifted the suspension of a family court judge who was caught on camera beating his daughter.Judge William Adams was vilified last year after he was caught beating his then-teenage daughter Hillary Adams.

And while a Texas ethics panel publicly reprimanded him in September, it lacked the authority to kick him off the bench.

And now it looks like the powers that be won’t be stripping him of his duties anytime soon.

The justices had suspended Adams with pay last year while the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct investigated his conduct but decided Tuesday to lift that suspension, The Associated Press reported.

The Aransas County district attorney told the AP too much time had passed to bring criminal charges against Adams, who isn’t up for re-election until 2014.

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