Judge To Force NFL And NFLPA Back Into Mediation*

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Judge Susan Nelson, who is overseeing the NFL’s anti-trust lawsuit, has decided to impose mediation on the parties involved in the NFL lockout, but the exact terms of that negotiation have not been determined.Nelson told the parties during a conference call on Friday that she would consider that matter over the weekend, before forcing the mediation this week.

The NFLPA wants mediation to take place in Minnesota under her supervision, while the NFL wants mediation to take place in Washington with federal mediator George Cohen.

Nelson still has yet to rule on the injunction requested by the players, that would end the lockout, but that ruling may not come for weeks. Nelson is probably hoping the two parties can work out their difference before that time, but that’s never going to happen. Neither is giving in on anything until someone (a judge) makes them.


Judge Nelson has appointed another judge — Arthur Boylan, who is also based in Minnesota — to serve as the mediator, according the Judy Battista of The New York Times. The new talks will begin Thursday, but according to insiders, it seems unlikely to do any good.