Judge To Facebook: No Opt-out For 02138 Documents

As we expected, Facebook is not getting much traction in its campaign to get 02138 magazine to “unpublish” documents it finds embarrassing. The company had filed an “emergency motion” to try to force the magazine — a Harvard alumni publication that’s independent of the school — to take down depositions, etc., that the mag published on the Web. But CNET’s Caroline McCarthy reports that they’ve been shut down by a Federal court:

Several hours later, 02138 released a statement announcing that the court had ruled in its favour. According to a statement from [02138 founder and president Bom] Kim, “The judge ruled to deny the request to take down the source documents for the article ‘Poking Facebook’ from the 02138 Web site…The judge found that this was ‘core journalism’ and the original documents add to the transparency and offer an opportunity to increase unfiltered access and an opportunity for readers to have more information on which to evaluate what the story reports.”

Presumably Facebook can appeal, but they’re likely to keep hearing different versions of the same thing. In the meantime, the documents they’re trying to make go away get more and more prominent…

As we said Thursday night: Time to give up and get on with it.

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