Judge Tells Oracle Its $6 Billion Claim Against Google Android Is A Joke

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The judge presiding over Oracle’s $6.1 billion lawsuit against Google is apparently getting fed up with Oracle.The judge said he won’t let the suit go to trial until Oracle comes up with a reasonable method for calculating alleged damages, reports PC World.

Oracle is suing Google over its use of Java software in Android.

Last week, Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, had set a trial date of March 19.

But yesterday the judge changed his mind. The judge had previously rejected Oracle’s $6.1 billion claims and Oracle has yet to come up with an alternative dollar amount approved by the judge. So he’s put the kibosh on the trial until Oracle complies.

“For this ‘delay,’ Oracle has no one to blame but itself, given that twice now it has advanced improper methodologies obviously calculated to reach stratospheric numbers,” Judge Alsup said, reports PC World. 

There are delays being caused by Google, too. Google is trying to get the judge to exclude e-mails that help Oracle make its case. The two are fighting over whether Google owes Oracle royalties for using Java in Android. Previous e-mails allegedly show that Google knew it needed to licence Java before using it.