Tennessee Judge Tells Lady Lawyers How To Dress

the royal ascot dress code

Following raised eyebrows over questionable fashion choices, a judge has issued a dress code for the female attorneys entering his courtroom, The Tennessean reported.

Judge Royce Taylor sent a memo to the local bar association reminding women to keep suggestive garments out of the courtroom. For example, sleeves on jackets and dresses should cover the elbow.

Women lawyers have apparently worn very inappropriate clothing in his court.

Some wore ill-fitted suits or went without pantyhose. Judge Taylor reported seeing women in mini-skirts, sleeveless tops, even sweatpants.

His decision to call out only women lawyers seems sexist. But many female lawyers in the judge’s jurisdiction support the decision, the Tennessean reports. Michelle Blaylock-Howser, a Murfreesboro attorney, told the paper that she often seems women wearing really inappropriate clothes in court.

In the scope of the law, Taylor might actually be a softie. Florida judge Lenore Nesbitt reportedly required women wear to pearls and totally rejected those with open-toed shoes.

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