Judge Orders New Apple Exec To Stop Working

Mark Papermaster, the IBM exec that Apple (AAPL) hired to run iPod and iPhone engineering, has to stop working because he might be violating a non-compete clause, a Federal judge in New York ordered. Reuters:

Federal District Judge Kenneth Karas in White Plains ordered that Mark Papermaster “immediately cease his employment with Apple Inc until further order of this court.”

Apple announced on Tuesday that Papermaster would lead the engineering teams making Apple’s highly successful iPods and iPhones and that he would report directly to Chief Executive Steve Jobs. On Friday it said he would cease work for now.

“We will comply with the court’s order but are confident that Mark Papermaster will be able to ultimately join Apple when the dust settles,” a spokesman said.

Karas said Papermaster could submit any objections to his order by Tuesday and he set another hearing for Nov. 18.

Papermaster had worked for IBM for 25 years. IBM said in a court filing that, before Papermaster left, he agreed to avoid working for any competitor for a year.

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