Judge Not Pleased With Radio Host Who Told Thousands Of His Fans To Email Court

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When a judge is reconsidering your $36.7 million contempt sanction, trying to stay on his good side is probably a good idea.

Judge Robert Gettlemen had previously found infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau in contempt — to the tune of $36.7 million — of a court order for using deceptive practices to market a diet program, the Chicago Tribune reported.

But the appeals court told Gettlemen to reconsider, and somehow Trudeau thought it would be a good idea to provide his many fans with the judge’s email address and ask them to send him words of support for Tudeau.

Thousands of people did so, disabling Gettlemen’s Blackberry and computer, the ABA Journal (citing the AP) said.

The judge called an emergency hearing, in which he held Trudeau in criminal contempt, forced him to surrender his passport and post $50,000 bond, with an official penalty to come.

Trudeau said in September that he was “proud” to be held in contempt because what he was doing was helping people.

He seems a little more chagrined today, asking his fans to have no further communications with the court.

This one should definitely be filed under what was this guy thinking? We cannot imagine being his attorney and hearing of this stunt. 

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