Judge Freezes Peter Madoff's Assets

Bernie’s brother Peter Madoff is definitely on the short list for investigators as they look to make their busts. Now his assets have been frozen — not by Federal prosecutors — but by a Nassau County Supreme Court judge responding to a civil complaint.

The request to freeze his assets was actually made by a Brooklyn Law School student who lost family money in the Ponzi scheme

Newsday: In papers filed in Nassau County State Supreme Court, Andrew Ross Samuels, 22, alleged that a trust set up by his late grandfather, Martin Joel, in which Peter Madoff was also a trustee, was lost in the Ponzi scheme carried out by Bernard Madoff.

Earlier Wednesday, Nassau Supreme Court Justice Stephen A. Bucaria signed an order to show cause, temporarily freezing Peter Madoff’s assets until a hearing scheduled for April 3. Bucaria made no findings about the merits of Samuels’ allegations.

Now, when do we do the same for the rest of Madoff’s enablers?

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