Judd Apatow: Kindle Enthusiast

Judd Apatow seems fairly with it, so we guess it makes sense that he’s a Kindle lover, but we didn’t know how big his love for Amazon’s wireless book reader was.

Apatow has bought three Kindles (3!), the latest he gave to his editor Craig Alpert. (He apparently originally offered it to his producer Barry Mendel, who didn’t want it.) Judging by the picture below, it looks like Apatow has one of the new Kindles, so it’s likely the second one he owns was one of the original models.

Now the question is: What is Apatow reading? It looks like something by Harriet Beecher Stowe. What, though? Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

Other things in Apatow’s office, according to The New York Times, include the People’s Choice Award he won in 2008 for Knocked Up, that year’s favourite comedy movie; a painting by Seth Rogen; a photo of his family with dreamy Zac Efron; and a picture of Apatow, circa 1990, with David Spade, Adam Sandler and Allen Covert, who’s had a supporting role in practically every Adam Sandler movie.


Photo from The New York Times

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