Judd Apatow: Donald Trump voters 'wanted an abusive father'

Entertainment stars haven’t stopped picking apart what to make of the presidential election of Donald Trump, and needless to say, the majority appear to be against the results.

Judd Apatow is very much so. The comedian and writer/director behind “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” talked to Rolling Stone in a new interview about Trump and the election, and he has a theory about Trump’s ascent.

While Apatow says he was very sad to watch his daughter “see such a lack of interest and respect for women,” he believes voters “just wanted things to change,” and that’s why Trump won.

But he doesn’t have any faith that Trump will deliver change, particularly his call in his campaign to “drain the swamp” of Washington, DC:

“At some level, [Trump voters] wanted an abusive father; a giant, collective, unconscious wound gets served by having this dark, cold man get elected to this position. This is a man who doesn’t do diapers. Whose kids have to hang out in his office to get to see him. He doesn’t care about anybody. He’s a casino owner who’s happy to milk you for your last penny. He’s a guy who owns a university who says he met every teacher and never met any of them. He’s not going to look out for anybody.”

While Trump is unprecedented for a president-elect in modern American history, Apatow expects Trump’s term to look relatively similar to George W. Bush’s after the 2000 election.

“This is like having Dick Cheney be president,” Apatow said.

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