Judd Apatow Actually NOT Producing "Ghostbusters 3"

According to the president of Columbia Pictures, which is developing the new Ghostbusters movie, Judd Apatow is NOT producing the third instalment of the paranormal film.

“It’s not true,” Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures tells the LA Times. “We have some great new writers working on a new script, but Judd isn’t involved. Judging from the frenzy on the Internet, there still seems to be plenty of interest in the idea of doing another film, so we’re certainly taking that as a good sign.”

Apatow fanatics the world over are likely crushed by this news, but, for the record, we didn’t report it as fact. We said Apatow was “reportedly producing” the film because /Film and Production Weekly passed on the rumour. In fact, we may have even written “rumoured” originally and changed it because we thought we needed to use “rumoured” in the second bullet point, which seemed even more dubious.

The studio hadn’t confirmed Apatow’s involvement in Ghostbusters 3, and it wasn’t in the trades, so the news still seemed a bit sketchy.

Apparently, if there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call? Columbia Pictures.

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