A Georgetown Magna Cum Laude Grad Is Worried The U.S. Will Deport Him Before He Starts Work At JPMorgan


A senior at Georgetown University is worried that he’ll be deported before he makes it into JPMorgan’s investment banking division and receives his “fat” paycheck.

“This would be more money than my parents would have made in four or five years in Miami or ever in Colombia,” his brother told Washington Post. “It would be life-changing for all of us.”

Juan Gomez’s story is a sad one.

He’s graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown this year and he has an offer for employment at JPMorgan’s Latin American division, where he interned last summer, waiting for him in New York, according to the Washington Post

There’s just one problem: he could be deported before he even gets there.

The Washington Post says Gomez has faxed a copy of his work permit to JPMorgan, but ICE (U.S. immigration and customs enforcement) still has to give him permission to move to New York, and his lack of a passport may present an issue even if he does make it to JPMorgan.

Adding to his stress, Gomez’s parents were deported back to Colombia and they can’t enter the country for 10 years. He not only hasn’t seen them in 41 months, but if he doesn’t get a Visa, he won’t be able to leave the country and get back in. 

He’s currently the subject of a (unnamed) documentary about immigration. 

His future at JPMorgan is still unknown. Usually when bankers appear in the press, their employer has an issue with it (like, it fires them), so while normally, getting your story seen by millions would (probably) help someone get citizenship and/or a Visa (a la Elian Gonzalez), it might not have been the brightest idea to use the media to garner sympathy for his cause. 

But we could be wrong, JPMorgan might be fine with the media attention and want Gomez to stay in the U.S. just as much as Gomez and his family does. We reached out to a spokesman and we’ll get back to you once we hear from them.

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