JPMorgan's complete guide to everything happening in Australian and global markets

Photo: Joshua Lott/ Getty.

The fading of the so-called “Trump pump” over recent weeks has seen a mood shift in global markets, with investors seeming to lose faith in the US President’s ability to roll out the full extent of his economic plans any time soon.

But more broadly there have been signs that the global economy is building strength. There are tentative signs of inflationary pressure and global manufacturing has been gathering pace.

Australian stocks performed well through the March quarter, but there is mounting concern about household debt levels, property prices, a lacklustre jobs market and a low inflation outlook.

JPMorgan provides a quarterly guide to help make sense of all these, and a whole lot more as we head into the final quarter of the financial year. The presentation looks in detail at some of the key economic indicators for Australia before looking at the global picture.

Thanks to JPMorgan Asset Management for giving us permission to feature this presentation.

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