JPMORGAN: Here's what you should be reading, listening to, and visiting in 2018

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Every year, JPMorgan polls its more than 200,000 employees for the next big trends in movies, books, music, theatre, and more.

Coined the #NextList2018, this year’s recommendations run the gamut from the expected (the hedge fund legend Ray Dalio’s new book) to the obscure (Ecuadorian parlor music). And yes, the name includes the hashtag.

“The JPMorgan #NextList2018 represents our passion for discovery and desire to share new ideas and experiences that we hope will enrich our clients’ lives for the year ahead,” Darin Oduyoye, the head of communications for JPMorgan’s asset and wealth management arm, said in a press release.

“This curated collection of arts, culture, music, and book selections are sure to challenge traditional thinking and foster creativity for all those who explore it,” he said.

Here’s the full list, with commentary from JPMorgan about why you should check out each suggestion:

“Behave” by Robert Sapolsky

Penguin Randomhouse

“Why do we do the things we do? While scholar, endocrinologist, MacArthur Fellow and Stanford University professor Robert Sapolsky concedes this is a ‘big, sprawling mess of a topic,’ he is up to the challenge. From neurobiological impulses that spur an act-good or bad- to the nature of free will, Sapolsky tackles the science of human behaviour with formidable knowledge and a distinct sense of humour.”

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Generation Impact” by Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody


“Alex Soros, Victoria Rogers, Justin Rockefeller, Katherine Lorenz. Taking the reins on significant wealth, next generation donors are leading a philanthropic revolution. But it’s about more than money. Interviews with young philanthropists complement this in-depth look at new approaches, strategies and tools that are influencing and reshaping the world of charitable giving.”

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Machine, Platform, Crowd” by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson

W. W. Norton

“MIT’s Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson explore the trifecta of disruption that technology is bringing to our lives-artificial intelligence (machines), platforms and crowds. What is the impact on the workplace? On education? On leadership, from corporations to government? As in their highly praised The Second Machine Age, McAfee and Brynjolfsson approach this complex topic with directness, insight and clarity.”

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Principles” by Ray Dalio

Simon & Schuster

Ray Dalio’s personal success and advocacy for a corporate culture of “radical truth” are legendary. In a blend of memoir and manifesto, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund describes his leadership highs and occasional lows, as well as why focusing on failures more than successes can be a way to build a standout corporate organisation.

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Simply Electrifying” by Craig Roach

Craig R. Roach

Electricity is among humanity’s most significant discoveries. Yet few of us understand how technology, economics, politics and culture, among other factors, shape its ongoing evolution. Industry expert Craig Roach delivers this story, providing a highly accessible narrative about electricity’s inventors and innovators, along with its challenges and possibilities for the future.

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Stage to Stage” by Josh Groban


Multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban’s path to his smashing Tony-nominated debut in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 was several years in the making. Full of glamorous as well as intimate photographs, with a narrative by Groban himself, Stage to Stage offers a behind-the-scenes look at his journey from the Stages album to the bright lights of Broadway.

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Universe” by Phaidon


Bridging art, astronomy and spirituality, this spectacular collection of nearly 300 images showcases the diverse approaches we take to explain our universe. Ranging from artworks to scientific sketches, to telescopic views, each selection conveys a different story about the beauty and vastness of space and our humble place in it.

Buy it on Amazon here.

“Frozen” on Broadway

“‘Let it go’ does not apply to tickets to this Broadway-bound show. On the heels of a wildly successful Denver run this fall, the musical adaptation features 10 new songs by the same composer and lyrics team as the animated film, as well as all the visual magic of this modern Disney classic.”

Musée Yves Saint Laurent, in Paris and Marrakech, Morocco

Musée Yves Saint Laurent via Facebook

“Fashion, art, architecture and history meld in Paris’s Musée Yves Saint Laurent. Housed in the former YSL couture studio on Avenue Monceau, the museum opens with an exhibition spotlighting many iconic pieces, along with sketches, videos and works of art that served as sources of inspiration. Dedicated fashion followers will also revel in Morocco’s Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech, which is opening in tandem.”

Promise Wine and AXR in Napa Valley, California

Melia Robinson/Business Insider

“Napa Valley is home to many of the finest vintners in the world. Promise Wine offers wine lovers a taste of the newest grape from Napa’s coveted Pritchard Hill. AXR delivers an inspirational journey of a reimagined vineyard once owned by Napa Valley’s first woman vintner.”

Tel by Jessica Koslow in Los Angeles

“Southern California’s renowned Chef Jessica Koslow presents what’s next in applying a modern farm-to-table California lens to centuries-old global Jewish cuisine. Sourcing ingredients from Koslow’s three-acre farm in Malibu, Serra Farm, Koslow’s new restaurant Tel features a global melting pot of traditions, techniques, and flavours in her sequel restaurant to the highly successful Sqirl.”

Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town, South Africa

Wikimedia Commons

“Emerging from a former grain silo is Africa’s first contemporary art museum. Cape Town’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) showcases 21st century works from the continent and the Diaspora, anchored to the private collection of its patron Jöchen Zeitz, former CEO of PUMA. With more than 100 galleries, six research centres and a rooftop hotel, Zeitz MOCAA is a must-see museum destination.”

“Mariposa Azul” by Luz Pinos

Luz Pinos

“Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Luz Pinos’s latest album, Mariposa Azul- meaning blue butterfly-is a new take on traditional South American pop sounds, combining Latin American musical influences with an ethereal voice that crosses language barriers.”

Buy it on Amazon here.

“With a Twist” by Bria Skonberg


“Canadian singer and trumpet player Bria Skonberg’s latest album is equal parts sultry and playful, marrying jazz classics with a cheeky modern sensibility. Skonberg is one of the fresh young faces in jazz. Her music captures the eternal attraction of the genre with a refreshing dash of contemporary pop.”

Buy it on Amazon here.


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