JPMorgan On The Use Of 3D In Harry Potter 7

harry potter

Photo: Warner Brothers

Industry analysts see Harry Potter 7 Part 2 as a big affirmation for 3D movies.An impressive 43% of U.S. revenue came from 3D tickets, during the movie’s record breaking opening weekend.

Moreover 3D looked good — with a few exceptions — according to JPMorgan’s Paul Coster:

Seemed like a good implementation of 3D. Arguably the movie was a bit dark, but we detected few errant artifacts from the 3D conversion (Snape’s nose looked stranger than Voldemort in one scene, we observed a wayward goblet in another, and a couple of crowd scenes looked a bit like cardboard cut-outs), and overall we felt that the 3D version of the movie added to the immersive experience, neither distracting nor feeling like an end in itself. This was a good implementation of 3D, and some scenes were spectacular in part because of 3D.

And looking forward:

Interesting 3D previews. John Carter and Hugo, like HP7B, have naturalistic scenes rendered in (or filmed in) 3D. They seem to be good implementations of 3D too. This is all very subjective, of course, but our impression is that 3D is getting better. The Happy Feet preview was also impressive, but being a CGI/cartoon we think 3D is easier to implement and easier to consume for this genre. The 3D slate looks good.

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