JPMorgan is about to start mining employees' emails for patterns

Minority reportDreamWorks/FoxThis won’t hurt a bit.

JPMorgan is about to start analysing employees’ communications.

The giant bank has recently posted job adverts for data scientists that will “be responsible for the overall development of data models using algorithms for pattern detection in electronic communications.”

The new team will sit within the bank’s intelligent solutions unit, which was set up to transform “JPMC data assets to create and commercialize information and solutions that enable consumers, businesses and governments to make better decisions and achieve their objectives.”

The bank declined to comment, beyond confirming the ads.

Analysing employee communications is increasingly big business. There are startups that are making a name for themselves detecting illegal behaviour for big banks’ compliance departments.

And JPMorgan isn’t the only bank looking to crack down on risky behaviour before it turns into a massive scandal or a fine.

Goldman Sachs also recently posted a data scientist job opening seeking to “identify potential risk behaviours that may not be accounted for within our current surveillance framework.”

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