A Bunch Of Big Name JPMorgan Employees Donated Over $45,000 To An Eric Cantor PAC Last Month

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On May 10th, JPMorgan disclosed a $2 billion dollar trading loss in the bank’s Chief Investment Office in London related to derivatives trades.

But that’s not all the bank’s employees can reveal about last month. 

JPMorgan employees donated $45,250 to Every Republican Is Crucial (ERIC PAC), which is House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s main fundraising vehicle, Politico’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer report citing campaign filings.

A total of 33 JPMorgan employees donated, according to the fundraising report filing [via CampaignMoney.org].  

Here are some big names at the bank and the amounts they gave and the dates they donated: 

  • Michael Cavanagh, Treasury & Securities Services CEO ($2,500 on May 4th)
  • Douglas Petno, Commercial Banking CEO ($5,000 on May 4th)
  • John Donnelly, Head of Human Resources ($1,000 on May 4th)
  • Irene Tse, Chief Investment Office ($1,500 on May 11th)
  • Carlos Hernandez, Global Head of Equities ($2,500 May 18th)

The ERIC PAC raised $285,500 in May, according to Politico. 

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