JPMorgan Shares Are Falling Pre-Market After Company Whiffs On Revenue

Jamie Dimon

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Just out.JPMorgan EPS came in at 90 cents per share, right as expected.

Revenue appears to have come in a little light. Analysts had expected revenue of at least $23 billion, but instead revenue came in at $22 billion.

Shares are off 2.3% in early pre-market action.

More details…

  • Fixed Income Markets revenue was $2.5 billion, down 13% (down 9% excluding the impact of DVA)
  • Investment banking fees were down 39% to $1.1 billion, consisting of debt underwriting fees of $553 million (down 40%), equity underwriting fees of $169 million (down 65%), and advisory fees of $397 million (down 6%)
  • Mortgage loan originations were $38.6 billion, down 24% from the prior year and up 5% from the prior quarter.

We’ll have more to come in a moment.

The full announcement is here.


ORIGINAL POST: The big earnings report of the day: JPMorgan kicks off financial earnings with a release due out at 7:00 AM ET.

Analysts expect earnings of $0.90/share.

We’ll have all the numbers here LIVE right when they come out.