Here's One Guess Why JPMorgan Just Cut Goldman Sachs To Neutral

A top JPMorgan analyst, Kian Abouhossein, just downgraded Goldman Sachs to Neutral.

People can have a lot of fun with that one, and naturally, they are.

What’s a slap in the face between friends? Writes one commenter on the story.

Watch the left hand….¬†says another.

But the best commenter on the news thinks its personal. He wrote:

This guy probably slept with someone to get the insider information to make this call. Watch out.

Here’s the real thinking behind the call, from MarketWatch:

The broker said it now prefers European investment banks to their U.S. peers. Analyst Kian Abouhossein said in a note to clients that the downgrade of Goldman is due to valuation as the stock has outperformed its rivals by around 17% since July. The note said Goldman also potentially has the most to lose from new U.S. regulation, including the Volcker Rule.

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