The Day When Everyone On Wall Street Goes For A Run

jamie Dimon running around the world

If you haven’t ever run in the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Corporate Challenge, you should.

It’s a long-distance running event that the company refers to as “the world’s most popular sporting event for the full-time business community.”

What it really is is a chance for everyone to get out of work early, run a few miles, and then go out for drinks, all while raising money for charity!

If you still aren’t convinced, check out these pictures of the fun event.

The firm has corporate teams compete in races that take place in 13 cities across six nations. New York’s race was last week. Find out when your city racesĀ here.


Emily Mareb from Bloomingdales won the first New York race for the females.

Ramachandra Kancharia of Putnam Advisors has a fantastic t-shirt.

Fatima Aissaoui of Credit Agricole had the best outfit. Way to crush miles in a skirt!

Team Lazard Freres showed up peppy and ready to run.

Gianpaul Caccia of Wolverine Trading won the first New York race for the men (he's won the race two years in a row)


These four men kept it classy and ran in polo shirts.

These 4 ran in wigs. It's not the most time efficient strategy (you let off the most heat through your head), but it looks great.


Henry Addo of Credit Suisse could run miles for charity in his sleep.

Jason Walkingshaw of GFI Group took the race seriously.

But not as seriously as Charles McElroy of Thomson Reuters. He nearly killed himself!

Ron Khoo of Bhali Group, London showed some love to the crowd.

Shannon Gallagher of Blackstone kept up with the boys.

Karl Rodolfo of RBS looks like he does this everyday.

Mike Nicholson of M&G Investments sprints ahead.

Olivia Toye of The Monitor Group stays positive.

Rafal Medak of Barclays is in it to win it.

Somehow Oaktree Capital won the t-shirt design contest. It must be on the back.

Andy Greenleaf of Bank of America is in the lead.

An unnamed runner sucks wind.

Wow, Ray Harraway of Africa Growth Advisors and Lawrence Makumbila of Angogold Ashnati are going REALLY fast.

Zubair Dinath of Voliton Consulting Services races to the finish with a smile.

This unnamed runner warmed up on a treadmill in the top half of his work clothes.

Josh Clarke of Loomis Sayles & Co. has a smooth stride across the finish line.

Robert Gill of JPMorgan celebrates the day.

Rob Priestly of JPMorgan awards a prize rocking a fantastic JPMorgan polo.

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