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Jamie Dimon just got awarded his 2010 payout — and it’s very nice.

JP Morgan bestowed on their chief a restricted stock payout of $17.4 million; 50% more than the initial value of his annual payment last year according to Dealbook.

Dimon got 251,415 restricted shares worth about $12 million, as well as 367,377 options valued at over $5 million. (In 2009, he got 195,704 restricted shares worth $7.95 million and 563,562 options worth $6.24 million).

Of course that’s just his regular compensation, and he may receive a not-yet-disclosed cash bonus, Bloomberg reports.

And considering his bank hit a record $17.4 billion profit in 2010, we wouldn’t be surprised if that bonus is monumental.

So let’s compare that number to his compatriots at other banks.

Dimon trumped Citi’s Vikram Pandit big-time; Pandit declined to take a bonus for 2010. Though his salary did increase from a $1 to $1.75 million.

Dimon definitely beat Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman. He got deferred stock and options worth about $7.4 million.

And we know he beat BofA CEO Brian Moynihan’s $9 million — even Moynihan’s deputy beat Moynihan.

But did he beat Lloyd Blankfein?

Yes. Blankfein was awarded a $12.6 million stock bonus for 2010, with a salary increased of $600,000 to take the magic number to $2 million.

As for his other JP acolytes, investment bank chief Jes Staley was awarded $8 million in restricted shares and 230,770 stock options, while CIO Ina Drew got $7.4 million in restricted shares and 153,847 options.

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