JPMorgan And Morgan Stanley Bankers Save Their Children From A Burning Building

In an awesome act of heroism, a married pair of “hero bankers” saved their four children from a burning building early yesterday morning.

Luckily, the entire family escaped escaped from their home on the upper east side around 3 am.

“The smoke was billowing out of the chimney,” said Sally Bednar, a COO at Morgan Stanley told the NYPost. “This was the scariest thing in my entire life. It was terrifying. The place was going down, and we knew it.”

“We lost everything,” said David Bednar, a JPMorgan exec.

Any bankers reading this and thinking, Interesting, this is really good PR – before you consider planning disasters of your own from which to escape in a daring act of heroism, remember this. The Bednars escaped to their roof.

“We knew our only escape was to the roof,” Sally said.

Cardinal mistake, maybe deadly mistake.

When there is a fire, escape down not up. Fires spread up, so heading up the stairs is a huge mistake and it’s important to hammer it into your memory now.

The Bednars are just lucky they could jump to connecting buildings.

The Post also tells us these fun details: David Bednar played with the St. Louis Cardinals and he is credited with inventing the drink the Harvey Wallbanger*.

A quick search on Wikipedia shows us he (or the Post) might have stretched the truth a little on that last detail. It looks like he actually just made it “internationally mainstream.”

** The drink recipe:

4.5cl (3 parts) Vodka

1.5cl (1 part) Galliano

9cl (6 parts) Fresh orange juice

Garnished with a cherry and/or an orange slice

For more on financial heroes, check out who thinks Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke qualify.

*Did not mean to downplay the heroism here – four children is an even larger feat of bravery.

(Via Daily Intel)

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