American Soccer Player Jozy Altidore Scored A Goal Amidst Racist Monkey Chants In Holland Today

jozy altidore az alkmaar

Some fans of the Dutch club FC Den Bosch are abusing American striker Jozy Altidore with monkey chants during a game this afternoon, according to widespread reports.

Kevin Oracolo reports that two announcements have been made over the loudspeaker to stop the chants. If a third one is made, the game will be canceled.

The director of Den Bosch told Oracolo, “I’m deeply hurt by these people. I’m ashamed of what just happened. I have no words for it.”

In-game racism is a continuing problem in European soccer. An Italian exhibition game was canceled last month when AC Milan players walked off the pitch after racist chanting.

Altidore responded differently — drawing a penalty and then converting the PK for a goal. His team, AZ Alkmaar, won 5-0. The game was briefly suspended after fans threw things at the refs in the second half, but continued.

Here’s video of the goal. You can hear low-pitched chanting in the background, but it’s unclear if it’s monkey noises or just plain booing.

Den Bosch AZ Alkmaar Altidore by Counterpoint1

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