A CEO and former Google exec shares the one thing she looks for in every person she hires

Sukhinder Singh CassidyBrian Ach / Getty ImagesSukhinder Singh Cassidy.

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy knows what she wants in her employees.

The CEO of video commerce and lifestyle site Joyus, and a founder of theBoardlist.com, a website that aims to put more women on corporate boards, recently told Adam Bryant of The New York Times that when hiring, she looks for “really smart” candidates, “but I love really smart people who are focused on the good of the company before themselves.”

She continued: “That gets my respect like nothing else. It’s a unique combination to find somebody who is so capable and smart, but has some level of humility about their place in the entire ecosystem. I’ve dealt with a lot of people who are really smart, but it’s all about them. And that’s a very frustrating place for me.”

Cassidy, who previously worked at major companies including Merrill Lynch, Amazon, and Google, says she also always asks people she’s interviewing for a job: “What drains your energy, and what gives you energy?”

“That tells me a lot about what people like to do and what they’re good at,” Cassidy concluded.

Read the full New York Times interview here.

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