Three Brothers Are Trying To Change The Way New Yorkers Drink Coffee At Work


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Joyride Coffee 24

After hearing customers complain about the quality of office coffee, brothers David, Adam, and Noah Belanich decided to shut down their Manhattan coffee truck and start a new business.Joyride relaunched in 2011 as a business that provide cafe-quality equipment to offices and delivers freshly roasted coffee every day. 

Although brewing their coffee takes a little more work than popping in a K-Cup, the quality is clearly better. The brothers claim that their coffee is also cheaper per cup than Keurig.

The company is growing fast, with clients including Foursquare, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and Gilt. They also introduced a “cold brew kegerator” just in time for summer.

After Business Insider talked with the Belanich brothers to learn about their business, we spent a week seeing what Joyride is all about. 

Joyride gets coffee from only the best suppliers, like the Blue Bottle Roastery in Williamsburg ...

... and Stumptown's Red Hook Roastery.

All coffee is rigorously taste-tested.

Here at their headquarters in Queens, a Joyride employee organizes shipments from Dallis, Stumptown, and Intelligentsia.

All Joyride beans are delivered within 72 hours of roasting.

Joyride employee Simon heading up to a delivery in Midtown with 50 lbs of coffee.

Joyride manages customer inventory as part of its delivery service.

Joyride deep cleans customer airpots on a monthly basis, as seen here.

Here's a delivery at fashion startup Gilt.

Here's the coffee set up at Projective Space, a co-working space in NYC.

Joyride recently introduced cold-brew kegerators. People seem to like them.

Online design store tweeted the product of their Joyride cold-brewed coffee.

Recruiting new customers is a big part of the work. Here, Noah and Adam hold an in-office tasting at LiveStream.

Gracie, Joyride salesperson, runs a tasting at a startup called Food To Eat.

Meanwhile at the office, David, with boxers Otto and Lola, finalises orders for the next day.

After tasting coffee all week, David stops in for an espresso at Blue Bottle in Williamsburg.

David, Adam and Noah enjoy tortas from a local Mexican joint on the roof of the Joyride warehouse in Woodside, Queens after a hard week's work.

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