Journalists are sharing bloopers after an ABC newsreader was caught out not paying attention on live TV

Photo: ABC News 24/screengrab

Natasha Exelby, a freelance ABC News 24 reporter, became news herself over the last 24 hours following a report that she’d been removed from on-air when a live studio TV camera crossed to her following a story and she wasn’t paying attention.

You can see the video of the slip-up below.

The controversy even saw Labor leader Bill Shorten and former PM Kevin Rudd weigh in on Twitter in support of Exelby.

It led to ABC news director, Gaven Morris, issuing a statement saying Exelby had not been punished for the mistake.

“Media reports that Natasha has been ‘banned’, ‘barred’ or ‘fired’ are untrue,” he said.

“She has been rostered for various shifts and has been assured since yesterday that we want that to continue. I have spoken to Natasha and conveyed our regret that this has attracted such attention.”

In the meantime, journalists have rallied around Exelby to reveal similar mistakes under the hashtag #PutYourBloopersOut.

Here are 12 of the best:

Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd weighed in with a reminder that he has his own blooper tape.

He is referring to the below video, leaked five years ago where he was unknowingly filmed swearing and making derogatory comments about a Chinese interpreter.

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