Chris Christie ruined his relationship with Trump because the president is a germaphobe

Joshua Green, author of “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency,” details how Chris Christie lost favour with Trump on election night. Following is a transcript of the video.

The way the book opens is I try and take you through the eight hours on election night inside Trump Tower, from the time at about 5 p.m., when CNN had a ticker saying it’s going to take a miracle for Trump to win, over the next eight hours until Trump walks out on stage as the new president-elect.

Everybody is kind of huddled in Trump Tower and Christie, who always wants to be at the center of the action, and who really rubbed a lot of Trump advisers the wrong way, had tried to inject himself into the center of the drama by my sources said arranging a phone call that if Trump won, Barack Obama the president was going to call Christie’s cell phone — this is Christie’s plan — have him give the phone to Donald Trump to congratulate him on defeating Hillary Clinton.

And Trump explodes at Christie and says, “Why would I want your disgusting cell phone touching my face?” Everybody knows Trump is a big germaphobe. And a lot of the Trump advisers I talked to contend that that was the moment at which Chris Christie truly fell from grace in Donald Trump’s eyes and instead of becoming the attorney general or having some high level government position, he wound up kind of skulking back to New Jersey and never really amounting to anything in Trump’s Washington.